ICT, plan b, and other restrictions.

So, no IWB practice as this school doesn’t have access and therefore, I have to use the projector only.  Some classrooms don’t even have a projector, just a white board.  I have had the opportunity to work in rooms with computers but even this is limited.

Plan b with using any ICT comes down to the projector working for presentations, the presentation or my laptop (school allocated) failing to connect, or the internet failing.  We did have a blackout at the end of one day that resulted in me having to come home to work on lesson planning and another day the internet stopped working for students.  The feedback I received mentioned some troubleshooting to determine the cause or how widespread the problem was when trying to find a solution – Does if it affects all those in your classroom? Can those students with personal devices and data usage still connect to the internet? Are other classrooms affected? It turned out that the school internet was the problem but those students with personal devices (year 11 class) were able to continue research using their phones.

The staff were under the pump from the start of term 4 and this impacted the time I had to lesson plan.  Discussing future lessons the day before and having to be ready the next day did provide a reality check as this is a likely the scenario for the beginner teacher.  Given the short notice most of the time while on Professional Experience meant the reasons for selecting ICT resources were based on the following: What I already knew/found during this unit, what the teacher was happy/familiar with, and whether or not the site was blocked by the IT department.  There was no time to apply C.L.E.M. in these instances but I did consider the RAT model when selecting and using the ICT.

One day to go then to reflect on the experience as a whole and get working on the rest of the assignment. I need a holiday.

First week of prac.

Implementing ICT into lessons is great when you can imagine so many ways to use the tools, apps and sites you find during the unit. However, the reality is that my classes don’t have Interactive White Boards (IWB) only projectors. So far, I’ve used a PowerPoint presentation and the students have used digital cameras to document their work and upload them to a folder and the specified drive where the teacher can access them.  The way this differs from traditional cameras is the quick, easy access to the final product and that the teacher can check they have completed the steps, such as sourcing images online.  These are part of the learning that students need to complete before moving on to the next step. I would say that, as per the RAT model, this amplifies the instruction method but will also, in later lessons, transform student learning as they will be using Paint.NET to edit and modify their images. I’m hoping I can source a link I found a while ago where you can upload your image into a virtual, outside, urban gallery space (street art-style), so far I can’t find it. *sigh* If anyone knows what I’m talking about and locates it, that would be great! (I live in hope)

*I learned that a wireless mouse is a great addition to the classroom so you can circulate.