ICT on Professional Experience.

I’ve made contact with my school but I am still waiting to hear what I need to do before hand or what topics/years I will be teaching. All I know is that it will be Visual Art, and English Juniors.

Meanwhile, bouncing back to this subject from the other one that’s had my focus for a while, I am responding to an activity given the little information that I am currently armed with.

What digital technologies will I use on PE?

Laptop/tablet, USB memory sticks, IWB, searches on the library computer, projector, the school’s digital information management system, emails, computer programmes (internet search engine, Photoshop, Paint, PowerPoint).

This has led to some questions:

Does the school provide a laptop/tablet? Will I be using my own? Can I connect to the school wifi? Are there programmes I need to access? Will I be using my mentor’s laptop/tablet? Will there be an induction into the programmes/security? What do the students use/have access to? Is there wi-fi in all classrooms? What technologies are available in the classrooms?

I got excited when a fellow student shared a link to Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources but when I clicked on the first hyper-link it took me to non-digital, wipe-clean, white boards. Amusing, but no help. The lesson here is to scroll down the page, any page, to make sure you have got all the information. The good stuff was at the bottom. Hahaha.


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