Putting on my big girl pants and getting back in the game.

‘m am feeling a bit more positive since my disastrous first assignment, hence I’m back to including images in my posts (a sure sign that I’m feeling happier).


Having read through other reflections about that short quiz on bullying I found it interesting that one other person who achieved 100% was also a parent and covered this topic previously in their course.  The combination of these factors is what informed my choices in the quiz – being witness to your child’s errors in judgement, regardless of what you’ve taught them or how often you get them to repeat conditions of use, is a good measure by which to understand how people think. Not just young people, but anyone may be tempted by ‘free’ or ‘you have won’ message alerts or inadvertently open an email from a friend because they are not aware that their friend’s computer is infected and is now using their contact list for its own evil ends.


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